Adult Deadpool Inspired Spandex Costume with Mask

Adult Deadpool Inspired Spandex Costume with Mask

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You might not be fighting villains but you’re sure going to kill it at your costumed events this year!

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Fighting crime and teaching supervillains a lesson about why they shouldn’t be jerks is hard enough without also having to worry about looking cool. That’s why I wear my trademark red and black bodysuit, which not only spares me the embarrassment of running around in my birthday suit, it actually makes me look fabulous, which is the most you can ask for in a superhero uniform

With all the attitude that Deadpool shows when he’s fighting people on screen we have to wonder what he’s like in his downtime. Is all that sarcasm a front for a sensitive soul? Or maybe that’s what he’s like all the time, he might even have a secret stand-up routine. With what he’s been through he’s got plenty of material!

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