Working late one night, Professor Utonium, a lonely genetic engineer, was about to realise his lifelong dream: the creation of a perfect little girl using sugar, spice & everything nice. When the concoction was nearly complete, a fourth ingredient was accidentally added to the mix…. Chemical X. The addition of this toxic substance set off an explosive chain reaction of elements, which resulted in the creation of “The Powerpuff Girls”.

It’s time to meet Bubbles! Bubbles is the golden haired angel. The pigtailed happy go lucky one of the three, always seeing the best in everything. Born out of the Cartoon Network Studios back in the nineties, we’ve raided our archives and reinvigorated our classic heroes to give you retro style with attitude!
Try out this cute accessory kit made up of the famous eyes on a pair of glasses with Bubbles adorable blonde pigtails.

  • Blue Bubbles Styled Eyes on Glasses
  • Short Blonde Wig with Pigtails
  • ILFD3109