2020 – a special year for us at MASQUERADE COSTUME HIRE as it marks another decade in the industry.  That brings us to three whole decades of fantasy and fun!

2020 – The Party Goes On!

On the 4th August 2020 – we will be turning 30 and we cannot wait to celebrate with you – our family!

Although we had other big plans in store for this year, the havoc and heartbreak of COVID-19 have had us put these plans on hold (for now).  No one could have been prepared for this pandemic or the effects on society.  This has been absolutely devastating for the Masquerade family as social gatherings have been put on hold.  However, being at the forefront of the party industry – we feel when things return we are just going to have more to celebrate (so stay tuned!)

Isolation has lead us to do much reflection (and drinking lol ) and even though there is so much negativity surrounding  the current state of affairs.  We CHOOSE to focus on the good and our aim is to KEEP THE MAGIC ALIVE even in lockdown.

In life we realise that we can’t always control situations around us but we can control the way we respond to them.  This virus may have put social gatherings on hold for now, but that doesn’t mean we need to stop the celebrations.  At Masquerade we believe life is a beautiful gift and EACH and EVERY moment needs to be celebrated (even if it’s not in the ways you are used to).


“When life gives you lemons, throw on a Sombrero and grab the salt and Tequila.” – Masquerade CEO

With our “pride and joy” stores being closed, we had the choice to mope and become despondent OR to live the famous quote “When life gives you lemons, grab the tequila and salt”.  We decided not only to grab the tequila and salt, but to throw  on a poncho with sombrero too and start plotting (pics below) and so MASQUERADE ONLINE was our brain child.

We’ve been wanting to go online for a few years now and the need has never seemed greater as suddenly with lockdown in place our customers could not pop into their fave fantasy world.  We miss the interaction, the party planning

The hard times make for the greatest teachers and we feel that we have so much to learn from this.  Already people are starting to realize that Happiness is the new rich. Inner peace is the new success. Health is the new wealth. Kindness is the new cool.

Don’t Lose the Magic – and if for some reason you do, we’re here to remind you: To keep the magic, to laugh in lockdown and to be excited for what’s to come!  After all… that’s what family is for!